Steel related Questions?

If you have questions regarding steel fabrication, steel detailing, steel estimating, management, etc. you can post them here and I will get back to you!

    • Catherine Wark
    • March 10th, 2011

    Are there any cost considerations or differences between alloys used in construction?
    Do you prefer to count every bolt or do you feel estimating those costs is adequate?
    How do I get a signed copy of your book?


  1. For as long as there is steel fabrication, there will be a need for steel estimators. An experienced steel estimator cannot be replaced by computer program. The variables are too vast, the complexity of the thought process required is, well, too complicated to be described and determined by the if/then statments that computer programs need. The decision making required to perform the determination of the displayed information into a complete fabricated product and what that takes in the way of materials and labor can only be estimated using factors of application specific to shop environments, personnel and equipment. There is no computer program that can be adjusted to accomodate the exact conditions of any shop. Therefore, specific training for steel estimating is required together with adaptation to the fabrication shop performing the work is necessary.

    • aji
    • September 1st, 2014

    i need a software which can use for steel structure estimation

    • I highly suggest FabSuite steel management software. The estimating part of the program is extensive, covers everything, and is easy to use. Get the 30 day free trial at

  2. Where are the best places to look to steel detailing projects to bid on for a steel detailer?

    • The answer to that question depends on the client base you want to build and the geographical location you want to work in. I will be better equipped to answer your question once I have more information.

      • Basically, I was wonder where a steel detailer would look (service/website) to find steel detailing jobs to bid on. For example: Is the BidClerk website the best place to find steel detailing jobs to bid on? Or are there other resources as good and/or better?

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